Mukamathu Nowful Khan


Hardware Hacker & CyberSecurity Expert

Secure, Educate, and Innovate.


I'm Mukamathu Nowful Khan, a seasoned hardware hacker, certified ethical hacker, entrepreneur, boasting over 5 years of extensive experience in the cybersecurity domain, and the proud Founder of Hypesec Infotech LLP, a leading cybersecurity company. With a passion for innovation and a drive to push the boundaries of technology, I've dedicated my career to exploring the intricate world of hardware hacking, pentesting, and IoT projects.

As a hardware hacker, I thrive on challenges and excel in finding creative solutions to complex problems. My journey began with a relentless curiosity for understanding how technology works, which eventually led me to specialize in hardware hacking and cybersecurity.

Successfully completed over 30 hardware hacking and pentesting projects, ranging from Bluetooth jamming devices to Wi-Fi recon tools, demonstrating proficiency in identifying and exploiting vulnerabilities in diverse hardware systems.


< Cybersecurity Consultant & Trainer >

Conduct seminars, workshops, and training sessions on advanced ethical hacking, hardware hacking, and IoT security for students, professionals, and corporate clients.

Develop customized training modules and curriculum for Arduino PCB design, ethical hacking methodologies, and hardware hacking techniques, catering to the evolving needs of the cybersecurity landscape.

< Open-Source Contributions >

Actively contribute to the open-source community by releasing libraries, tools, and resources for pentesting gadgets and hardware hacking projects, promoting knowledge sharing and collaboration among cybersecurity enthusiasts.

Collaborate with industry peers and academic institutions to drive research and development initiatives aimed at enhancing cybersecurity awareness and capabilities.


Tech Stack

  • BASH
  • GIT
  • C
  • C++
  • RUBY
  • PHP
  • PCB
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JS

</Projects & Libraries>


This can be a valuable tool for analyzing WiFi networks and enhancing network security. Remember to explore further possibilities, such as integrating additional features like logging, notifications, or remote monitoring capabilities. Experiment, learn, and continue to build upon this project to make it even more powerful and versatile.

Pexelicon website preview image
Wi-Recon Pro

Wardriving, a tech adventure with ESP8266 and GPS, unlocks a hidden world of Wi-Fi landscapes.Armed with an ESP8266, I explored the city, mapping Wi-Fi networks and capturing their vital stats. The NEO-6M GPS module added precision, turning each drive into a journey of digital discovery

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Ble-Ducky Library

The BleKeyboard With Sdcard Library is a Bluetooth-based HID attack library inspired by Rubber Ducky. It allows you to execute Ducky scripts directly from an SD card using a Bluetooth keyboard

SD-Ducky Library

In the world of hardware hacking and cybersecurity exploration, having a versatile tool like a Rubber Ducky can be invaluable. With its ability to emulate keystrokes and execute predefined actions, the Rubber Ducky has become a staple for penetration testers and security enthusiasts alike. However, what if we could take its capabilities a step further by adding support for reading scripts from an SD card?